The Landau Forte Photography group

Earlier today I created a Flickr group for Landau Forte photographers!

I know of a few LFC students who have taken an interest in photography – such as fellow DiDA student Jess, and the head of ICT, Mr Thomas.  I thought that this group could be a nice way to showcase some LFC photography.  Call me sad if you really have to, but I quite like photography.

I guess this could be more useful when we’re on the graphics module of DiDA and we have 20 more people discovering the world of carrying a camera around with them.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the group’s photo pool for your enjoyment.

A Duck by Dan Foy / orangeacid

The Petronas Towers by Thomas Evans

isle of skye by Jess Payne / JESStar

isle of skye bridge by Jess Payne / JESStar

loch ness castle by Jess Payne / JESStar

Ants by Dan Foy / orangeacid

3 Responses to “The Landau Forte Photography group”

  1. becky says:

    hey, u but photos on it!

    n geeek geeek geeek geeeeeeeeek :p

    love u xxxxxxxxxx

  2. amy says:

    very cool i looooooooooooorrrrve takin piccys lol very nice hehe

  3. toe fluff says:

    the people that left comments are really stupid, i mean noe of wot so ever makes any sence……………………. peace out lick me. and yes i sed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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