WAMP – your own personal Apache, PHP5, MySQL

Want to turbocharge your exploration of dynamic webdesign?  Would your own free, private webserver help?

I discovered WAMP through a blog that I’m subscribed to, and have found it immensely useful – and suggest that it would be useful also to others interested in PHP, dynamic website design (i.e. database-orientated forums, blogs, CMS), or designing themes for dynamic websites such as your WordPress blog.

WAMP installs the following to your Windows system:

  • Apache 1.3.31 – an open source webserver;
  • PHP 5 – a server-side scripting language;
  • MySQL – a popular open source database service for web apps;
  • Database management applications.

You could use WAMP to host a website – dynamic or otherwise – from your home PC, but I am using it to aid in my understanding of PHP, and also to assist in the design of the next incarnation of orangeacid.net.

6 Responses to “WAMP – your own personal Apache, PHP5, MySQL”

  1. Tom says:

    Talking about PC’s I’ve just installed BootCamp and Windows XP on my nice shiny MacBook!

  2. orangeacid says:

    Nice one… any problems? How fast does it run?

  3. moley says:

    quote:Talking about PC’s I’ve just installed BootCamp and Windows XP on my nice shiny MacBook!

    lucky git!

  4. Tom says:

    No problems other than there is not right click key and windows doesn’t support the Ctrl-Click like Macs do, thats now sorted after a quick look on internet

    Runs very quickly, quicker than my 1.5ghz Centrino. I’m still using MacOsx mainly but its useful just to have the Windows there for programs which aren’t yet out on Mac

    I say you buy one Dan, good for graphics with B.Thomas

  5. Liz says:

    Love Macs. I use them for lots of graphics work, but me parents won’t get me one of my very own for chistmas!! My mate just got one, lucky sod.

  6. […] It’s mine on different levels. This blog is installed onto a server which sits happily amongst others of it’s kind in a server farm on some other continent, for example, whilst my personal blog will live on my own trusty PC, on top of the WAMP server system that I have mentioned previously. This blog is written in a style that is search-engine optimized and – hard to believe though it is – is written with other human beings in mind. I will not have to entertain such things on a blog that will never be available to the public. […]

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