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Effortless to-do lists with Todoist

Posted by orangeacid on Thursday, May 31st, 2007 at 1:48 am.
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Today I discovered an amazing tool for creating to-do lists – Todoist.  It’s similar to the other 5000 to-do-list apps out there with an important difference – it’s usable.

Unlike most widget apps, it’s fast and accessible from anywhere. Unlike most other Web 2.0 organization apps, it is completely free of bloat and a pleasure to use. It is ridiculously light and doesn’t require a mouse for operation.

Go on, sign up for an account. Try out some of the great hotkeys – like ‘a’ for a new item, ‘ctrl – left/right’ for indents, and the tab key actually works in a useful order – from the name field to the date field, to add and then to cancel. The date field is smart, too – it recognises dates such as ‘tomorrow’, ‘in a week’ and so on.

Just the thing for those end-of-project checklists, work deadlines and lists of blogs you simply must write.

Free GCSE revision podcasts

Posted by orangeacid on Thursday, May 31st, 2007 at 12:10 am.
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That’s right, free revision podcasts for English, Geography, History and the ‘old’ science course from the beeb.

Well, not exactly – Bitesize referrs to them as ‘audio-topics’… soundbites, if you will.  And you don’t need iTunes to listen.  Or even the ability to hear, thanks to the free scripts.

With the terminal exams all but upon us it’s time for some serious cramming.  I know for one that unless I’m in a sterile room with nothing but revision materials to distract me then I’m not realistically going to slog through a boring old revision booklet – and let’s be honest, who has a sterile room?

These ‘soundbites’ could be the ideal solution.  You can download single MP3s for specific topics – say, writing to persuade; subtopics such as writing to persuade, argue, advise; or entire subjects.  They’re useful to make notes from by themselves, or as convenient portable revision from your MP3 player.  Useful for bus and car journeys in these critical last few days before the exams, no?

Download free audio revision bites from BBC GCSE Bitesize.