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Rhianna Page

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

Rhianna PageRhi.

This doesn’t seem quite real in a horrible sort of way.

9 days ago I was walking to school with you for exams. I only had one 2-hour exam, but you had something stupid, five or six. We got to the gate and I told you I’d catch you later.

Maybe someday we’ll walk home through the sheets of rain again, talking through our difficulties because it helps.

We miss you, frizz. xxx

Rhianna Page, a student of Landau Forte College, left this world a week ago. She was a caring, intelligent and an amazing person. She made front page of the Derby Evening Telegraph today.

From the article:

“Her sudden death has stunned friends and classmates, who described her has an intelligent, caring girl, who always had a smile on her face.”

Rhi (on a grey day) (by orangeacid)I knew Rhi for about three years. I can’t remember where we met, but my first real memory of talking to her was at the Market Square in February 2004. I was wearing a pair of Zoggs goggles and fluffy bunny ears, and she stole the goggles for a photo.

I remember walking home with her in the pouring rain, taking a long diversion through Morley. She came to support us at our first gig, and then my parents gave her a lift back home.

From the article:

“Rhianna page’s [MySpace] has been bombarded with messages and one friend has posted a video tribute to her on the YouTube website.”

Check out Rhi’s MySpace. Unless you’re already added as one of her friends you won’t be able to post a comment, and no-one is around to accept any new friend requests, so the profile is a sort of frozen portrait. The comments are heartwarming and tragic. Watch the music video: Rapture by Hurt.

Wherever you are, frizz, I hope you’re happy. We miss you.

Photography and model-release laws in the UK

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

Voyeur - it is the law. (by orangeacid)

The rights of a photographer according to the law of the United Kingdom:

  1. The photographer owns the copyright of any photo s/he has taken, with the exception of photos taken as an employee of a company for his or her employer, or under instruction from an employer or employee of a company;
  2. A picture of an individual or individuals may be taken from any public area and/or in any situation where the subject(s) may reasonably expect to be observed, or from any private premises unless permission is expressly denied beforehand, or where instruction is otherwise reasonably signposted;
  3. A photographer does not require a model release for commercial use of photographs in which the subject’s face is not clearly visible and/or recognizable.

Photographers have more rights than you might expect. Visit this site for more information.

In addition to the main laws that I have outlined above, interfering with your equipment is criminal damage.