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When things don’t run smoothly…

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

I’m not entirely sure how, but in attempting to add a search box to the top of I’ve managed to disable the header links and retard my headings. I’d take the time to fix them now, but to be honest I feel like shit, so it will have to wait.

I caught this cold off this girl I was fooling around with. She’s excellent, but she did sort of give me a cold and then got herself a boyfriend before I could return the favor. I swapped my summer duvet for my much denser winter duvet around the same time – imagine waking up with the realization that some large mammal – say, a cow – had keeled over and died on your chest as you slept. Such was the sensation this morning of waking up buried under an avalanche of duck-feathers.


Selling the Warranties

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

As part if my job as salesman at Comet I have to sell warranties. The total value of the warranties I sell during the week is inputted into my sales matrix. In theory, if I meet my average-sales-per-hour target, and of my total at least 8% is essentials such as cables and tables, and another 5% is made up of warranty sales, I get a per-hour bonus. In reality bonuses are scarce but you do still get a rollicking for missing your targets.

Essentials are easy… “unfortunately the manufacturers don’t include memory cards, Sir, and the supplied cartridges only contain enough ink for fifteen or twenty sheets”… but warranties are a little trickier.


Quietening my processor

Monday, September 17th, 2007

OK, so the compressed air thing didn’t really work.  The volume of this thing really has to be heard to be believed.  It is possibly even louder than my old base unit which had some sort of beasty extractor fan on the side.

I’m pretty sure that it’s not the PSU fan, because that makes a reasonable humming sound.  But there is the most irritating, high-pitched whirring sound coming from just inside the case.  The fan over the processor is something akin to the head of a small child, so I’m guessing that could be the culprit.

Short of buying a new fan, any suggestions?

Cleaning my processor

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Comet salesmen recently all had to undertake training for new ‘Comet on Call’ call-out technician packages. One of the briefs sounds something like the following: “over time, dust can build up inside your computer and slow things down. The dust particles cause your computer’s internal hardware to overheat and become sluggish, or even become permanently damaged”.

I read in a computer magazine some years ago that compressed air is excellent for removing dust from hard-to-reach places. I noticed whilst installing my second hard-drive a month or two ago that my processor fan had become clogged with dust. I managed to find some ‘compressed air canisters’ floating around on ebay and decided that perhaps they would help shift the dust and thereby reduce the maddening volume of my processor fan, which does seem to be getting louder and more strained each week.

The fan system above the processor in my computer was pretty dusty, but also pretty hot, so I decided to wait for it to cool before spraying the compressed air. Lucky I did really: it gave me a chance to read the label properly, and as it turns out, the ‘compressed air’ is actually a chemical mix that is highly flammable. I decided to do a quick spark-check on the residue that I presume shouldn’t really be evident from compressed air, but was being produced in copious amounts from my canister.


Welcome to p16

Monday, September 10th, 2007

First day of post-16 at Landau Forte College!  To bring this blog up to speed:

For GCSE I achieved:

  • English Language: A*
  • Science: A* A*
  • English Literature: A
  • Maths: A
  • DiDA: A A A A
  • Geography: A
  • Business: B
  • German: C

At AS-level I’m taking:

  • English Combined Language and Literature
  • Applied IT
  • Maths
  • Business

I had business first today.  Second session was a ‘study session’, which is Landau’s way of saying ‘free period’.  I decided to spend my ‘study session’ on a 90-minute breakfast break, which sort of backfired when I couldn’t find anywhere in town that did a reasonably cheap, healthy breakfast.  I ended up having a monster pack of M&Ms and a egg and sausage McMuffin, so naturally I feel really ill and will probably have a sugar-crash in double IT, which I have next.

Could be an interesting first day.