Ad hominem

I’m going to take this blog in a slightly different direction. Alongside the usual stuff, I’ll be adding snippets of things that I have learnt about the world that many seem to have overlooked.

Sometimes I will attempt to challenge your perception of things. Sometimes I will ask you to forget about your morals and deeply ingrained opinions and to look at something objectively. And sometimes I will be linking to media that some people may find outlandish.

In preparation for this, here are two introductory snippets from someone who I consider to be fairly stimulating. Whilst I don’t agree with what he says in all of his videos, and whilst the way he voices his opinions can be a little questionable, he’s someone that I will be linking to on here in my quest to get you to think.

With that in mind:

OK, so hopefully you’re thinking now. I’ll be posting similar videos on a fairly regular basis.

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4 Responses to “Ad hominem”

  1. Hermann says:

    Funny this topic came up, I’ve recently been translating this:

  2. orangeacid says:

    Cheers for the link, should come in handy for my philosophy essays 🙂

    Are the comments working for you again now, btw?

  3. natalion says:

    to be honest dan i just love his face =]

  4. […] valid beacuse of grammatical errors and incorrect word usage. And attacking the author, an ad hominem argument. Excluding unfounded outbursts of zealous blind faith, of course. Posted in Mini Articles, […]

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