Lowlifes update

It feels weird starting an update with the line ‘nothing much is happening’, but it is precisely this lack of activity that spurred this post.

Basically, the Lowlifes machine has been brought grinding to near-standstill by a number of circumstances and events.  Due to a mixture of our lead singer being either at a counseling session or in the hands of the police for the majority of the time, and the Download festival displacing band practices last week, we haven’t had a proper, full-band practice for yonks.

Perhaps due to the lack of practices, we are losing our previous tightness.  Practices are feeling unproductive and frustrating, and songs that were previously fine are developing new flaws and blocks and bouts of lameness.  Timing is a particular issue.

Due to this lack of quality, we are canceling our next gig, that would’ve been on the 1st of July at the Vic.  The following gig has also been canceled – although this time by the headlining band and not due to us.  We are sitting on some new material, though, and as soon as we get these imperfections ironed out we will be full-steam ahead – look out for us at venues around Derby in July, August and September.

On a lighter note, whilst in the height of boredom and frustration on Friday’s band practice, we wrote a shamelessly punky and hilariously funny piece called ‘Oh, Paris!’.  We plan to unveil this at our next gig… so be there!

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