Google results for

Google is the world’s favorite search engine company… not only because of it’s highly accurate and efficient web search tools, but because it offers a wide range of other tools. I personally use it’s portal, calendar, email, notebook, analytics, RSS-reader, and sitemaps services. Today, I noticed a feature that lists your top links from search […]

The Vic: Bought by FirstFloor.

Derby’s legendary Victoria Inn (better known as just ‘The Vic’) has changed hands. As some of you (such as those of you who are members of the Vic Forums) may know, the Vic was recently acquired by one Michael Sheehan, the local band promoter. However, his son Stanley was born in January of this year, […]

Flickring like a pro

I bought a ‘pro’ account on photo-sharing site Flickr, and have become oh-so-slightly addicted to both the service and also photography. When I should really be concentrating on planning for DiDA, my unfinished Geography coursework, I have been taking pictures and rearranging my Flickr area.  Its actually really impressive.  For about £14 per year, I […]