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Google Sitemaps report for orangeacid.netGoogle is the world’s favorite search engine company… not only because of it’s highly accurate and efficient web search tools, but because it offers a wide range of other tools. I personally use it’s portal, calendar, email, notebook, analytics, RSS-reader, and sitemaps services. Today, I noticed a feature that lists your top links from search results, ordered by rank. The results are quite interesting.

My top result, obviously, is the term ‘orangeacid‘, which ranks result #1 on average. This is followed by ‘dan foy‘, which – as my name and part of the blog’s title – ranks as result #4 on average. The search query variant ‘orange acid‘ also returns as result #2 on average.

However, I also rank highly for searches for ‘stylesheet validator‘. For this, I also rank (on average) at #4. The more observant of you will notice that I don’t even have a stylesheet validator; the link is purely an out-of-date (and consequently dead) link to a page on an older version of Why this should rank higher than actual stylesheet validators, I have no idea.

My next most popular search is for ‘perticually‘, which apparently comes in at result #9, on average… although when I searched, it wasn’t part of the first 30 results. This is obviously a typo, yet I find it quite amusing that it ranks so high. The last interesting search is for ‘in spite of my rage “i m” still just a rat in a cage‘, a Smashing Pumpkins lyric that cycles in my random quotes generator at the bottom of every page – although, again, I can’t find this in the results.

The point of this post? Well, there isn’t a point really. But hey, look, the thumbnail picture thing is kinda working 😀

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