Keeping on top of things

I have been aching for days to post, but everything is so screwed.

I had a gig on Saturday – along with local virus The Backgrounds, we supported a signed band from Burton or something called Tilted Smile.  Everything considered, things went pretty well, except from our two vocalists managing to get themselves banned from our drummer’s house, our set being between 10 and 15 minutes too short, one of the Backgrounds’ guitarists having to borrow my half-stack and the other having to borrow Elliot’s guitar after breaking a string.

I would have posted about this earlier, but I’m refining the way that pictures work in my blog and WordPress doesn’t want to play nice.  When it’s sorted I will be able to insert pictures directly into post, or post thumbnails that link to the full images… its good for search ratings.  But it’s all a case of WordPress behaving and getting it done.

Unfortunately, time isn’t my greatest asset.  Between the DiDA D202 SPB, Geography coursework, practicing guitar and guitar lessons, band practice, gigs and trying my hardest to spend as much time as I can with my girlfriend, I once again have very little time on my hands.  However, I’m reading up on PHP at pretty much every spare moment I get – and am getting some practice as I design my next ePortfolio using it – so when the site is completed, it should be pretty spectacular.

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