Rhianna Page

Last Monday was the one year anniversary of Rhianna Page’s death. Rhi was a student at Landau Forte College in the year above me. If you’ve found this post because you’re looking for details of Rhi’s commemorative party this year, then don’t worry, you didn’t miss it, the one on Monday was cancelled for fear of bad weather. It’s been rearranged for Friday, 12PM, Darley Park, opposite the swings. Sadly it looks like the weather will be even worse on Friday. Meh, we’ll work something out.

The truth about sleeping patterns

The little taskbar clock reads 00:57. I told my girlfriend I would have to leave lest I inadvertently drop off on the keyboard and write a 125,000 character thesis on sleep deprivation consisting mostly of the letters G, F and J (again), but actually I feel perfectly alert. Turns out that, according to this excellent article on sleep, your body doesn’t actually make itself feel tired because you need to rest. In reality, you feel drowsy because your circadianrhythm (read: body-clock) wants you off in order to perform some mental housekeeping.