FORMAT Submission Preview

I’ve been doing some stuff with QUAD, the festival’s organizers, for the past year or so. As part of this I’ve been asked to contribute towards an exhibit in Derby Museum and Art Gallery during QUAD. I’m working with a group of four, and together we have chosen the FORMAT 09 theme of ‘tension and suspense’ and have based our pieces around the sub-theme of masks. Each photographer is creating a series of three images. Here is an in-progress version of the final frame of my piece.

Rhianna Page

Last Monday was the one year anniversary of Rhianna Page’s death. Rhi was a student at Landau Forte College in the year above me. If you’ve found this post because you’re looking for details of Rhi’s commemorative party this year, then don’t worry, you didn’t miss it, the one on Monday was cancelled for fear of bad weather. It’s been rearranged for Friday, 12PM, Darley Park, opposite the swings. Sadly it looks like the weather will be even worse on Friday. Meh, we’ll work something out.

James Warner Prophecies album launch

I’ve just returned from the James Warner Prophecies‘ album launch. Those of you who couldn’t make it/didn’t know/didn’t care, you have no idea what you missed. JWP have been around for a while now – I first saw them at the legendary Vic back in 2004 or so; I guess this completes the circle. Despite […]