FORMAT Submission Preview

I’ve been doing some stuff with QUAD, the festival’s organizers, for the past year or so. As part of this I’ve been asked to contribute towards an exhibit in Derby Museum and Art Gallery during QUAD. I’m working with a group of four, and together we have chosen the FORMAT 09 theme of ‘tension and suspense’ and have based our pieces around the sub-theme of masks. Each photographer is creating a series of three images. Here is an in-progress version of the final frame of my piece.

Photography and model-release laws in the UK

The rights of a photographer according to the law of the United Kingdom:

1. The photographer owns the copyright of any photo s/he has taken, with the exception of photos taken as an employee of a company for his or her employer, or under instruction from an employer or employee of a company;

2. A picture of an individual or individuals may be taken from any public area and/or in any situation where the subject(s) may reasonably expect to be observed, or from any private premises unless permission is expressly denied beforehand, or where instruction is otherwise reasonably signposted;

3. A photographer does not require a model release for commercial use of photographs in which the subject’s face is not clearly visible and/or recognizable.

Photographers have more rights than you might expect. Visit this site for more information.

In addition to the main laws that I have outlined above, interfering with your equipment is criminal damage.

Homemade photo-frames from jewel cases

In their first ever video-tutorial, Photojojo detail how to create very stylish and modern-looking photo-frames from CD jewel-cases.  For this project you’ll need jewel cases, some cardboard, a craft knife (or sharp scissors), double-sided sticky tape (or glue), and Velcro (or blu-tack). Despite my general laziness I am actually quite into these little creative projects… […]