My Project 365

Project 365

To be able to visually re-live every day of a year; to better your photography day by day; to document your growth both physically, cosmetically and mentally – this is Project 365.

An article on photography newsletter/blog website Photojojo has inspired me to be a part of this project. And I suggest that all other budding photographers, bloggers, and even anyone who owns a digital camera should join me.

Seven good reasons to start your own Project 365:

  1. You will have a visual diary to remind you of any day for a particular year;
  2. By looking back on what you have chosen to photograph, you will learn to monitor yourself, prioritize, and figure out what is important to you as a person;
  3. You will become a better photographer as you learn your camera and start to care about composition, lighting, technique and so on;
  4. You will get into the habit of taking your camera everywhere with you (you never know what will crop up for you to photograph!);
  5. You will develop an eye for details and your creativity will soar as you are forced to find inspiration in everyday objects;
  6. You will learn to appreciate the details of the world around you (think of it as reaching a state of enlightenment!);
  7. You will have a visual story to look back on in years to come (especially if you choose to annotate your pictures);

There are more, of course; you just have to think them up. Try taking a look at Taylor McKnight’s Project 365 from 2006 for inspiration.

My Project 365 will be hosted on in the Projects section. I will put a daily update on the homepage too, if I can figure out how.

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