The truth about sleeping patterns

The little taskbar clock reads 00:57. I told my girlfriend I would have to leave lest I inadvertently drop off on the keyboard and write a 125,000 character thesis on sleep deprivation consisting mostly of the letters G, F and J (again), but actually I feel perfectly alert. Turns out that, according to this excellent article on sleep, your body doesn’t actually make itself feel tired because you need to rest. In reality, you feel drowsy because your circadianrhythm (read: body-clock) wants you off in order to perform some mental housekeeping.

Comments back online

For a couple of months now I’ve been getting some weirdass bugs with my commenting system. I just re-wrote it pretty much from the ground up, and it seems to be working OK so far. For now. For the time being all that I’m aware of is a cosmetic issue with the submit button overlapping the text area in IE7 – if you notice any bugs on other browsers then drop me a line in the comments.

Cleaning my processor

The fan system above the processor in my computer was pretty dusty, but also pretty hot, so I decided to wait for it to cool before spraying the compressed air. Lucky I did really: it gave me a chance to read the label properly, and as it turns out, the ‘compressed air’ is actually a chemical mix that is highly flammable. I decided to do a quick spark-check on the residue that I presume shouldn’t really be evident from compressed air, but was being produced in copious amounts from my canister.

I initially tried this on an old Marshall practice amp that I have in my room, but I’m not trying that again. I tried it out on an unused skateboard after and took some pictures to give you some sort of idea of the flammability:

Quick fix for strange CSS link behavior

Posts on GTD and photography for Scenes and Emos in the pipeline, but just a quick update – something that I discovered working on a website for a school project earlier. If you’re not into webdesign, give this one a miss. If you’ve any experience in semantic webdesign/xHTML+CSS, you will know how… well, frankly what […]