Effortless to-do lists with Todoist


Today I discovered an amazing tool for creating to-do lists – Todoist.  It’s similar to the other 5000 to-do-list apps out there with an important difference – it’s usable.

Unlike most widget apps, it’s fast and accessible from anywhere. Unlike most other Web 2.0 organization apps, it is completely free of bloat and a pleasure to use. It is ridiculously light and doesn’t require a mouse for operation.

Go on, sign up for an account. Try out some of the great hotkeys – like ‘a’ for a new item, ‘ctrl – left/right’ for indents, and the tab key actually works in a useful order – from the name field to the date field, to add and then to cancel. The date field is smart, too – it recognises dates such as ‘tomorrow’, ‘in a week’ and so on.

Just the thing for those end-of-project checklists, work deadlines and lists of blogs you simply must write.

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  1. Hey Orange,

    You might like this alternative, TASCK.com. It’s a minimalist ajax powered todo list that’s ready to use as soon as the page loads up. No need to signup.

    Try it out. You can’t help but fall in love with it.

    – Kristian

  2. “doesn’t require a mouse for operation.”

    I’ve been using Todoist for a very long time now, a few years and running almost daily and I have to say this is absolutely incorrect. The keyboard controls are of the best I’ve ever seen in an web application but you still need the mouse for most things.

    Ex. How do you change your folder without the mouse? How do you delete/sent to history without the mouse? How do you move a task without the mouse?

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