The Vic: Bought by FirstFloor.

Derby’s legendary Victoria Inn (better known as just ‘The Vic’) has changed hands.

As some of you (such as those of you who are members of the Vic Forums) may know, the Vic was recently acquired by one Michael Sheehan, the local band promoter. However, his son Stanley was born in January of this year, and the Vic is being sold on in order for Micky to gain enough free time to watch his firstborn grow up.

Anyway, it turns out that the Vic has been purchased by the same people who run Derby’s other, more modern venue – the First Floor Club.

Copied and pasted from a post in the Vic Forums:

Why Have I left The Vic

By Michael Sheehan

This was no easy decision. All though maybe it was. After years of anchoring The Vic and proclaiming that I “Wanted” the place, I finally obtained it. As quickly as I got it, I got rid. Why?

The Vic is it’s own thing. It has it’s own rules and terms. It is not run by anyone. It will not allow anyone to change it and make it different.