Flickring like a pro

I bought a ‘pro’ account on photo-sharing site Flickr, and have become oh-so-slightly addicted to both the service and also photography.

When I should really be concentrating on planning for DiDA, my unfinished Geography coursework, I have been taking pictures and rearranging my Flickr area.  Its actually really impressive.  For about £14 per year, I get:

  • Unlimited storage space;
  • 2GB upload limit per month;
  • Unlimited ‘sets’ (non-pro users are limited to 3 ‘sets’, or groups);
  • Uploading of very large images;
  • A few other miscellaneous benefits.

And all in all I am very impressed with it.  The backend of the media section of is also Flickr-powered, so as soon as I iron out a nasty bug which affects the way my photos refresh themselves, I should have a much improved gallery.  Please note that the photos displaying in the media section and on the front page are constantly out of date; for the most up-to-date photos, see my photostream.

Anyway, if you want to check out my stuff, you can visit my Flickr homepage here, check out my profile here, and view my sets here.  Enjoy!

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