The true meaning of planning

For the DiDA course, I am required to do a large amount of structured planning.  Everything, almost every detail, must be planned and any deviation from your plans must be documented.  Some of it you are allowed – occasionally even encouraged – to do your own way.  But the rest of it is dictated to you – candidates are ‘told’ how to plan by the board… and if you dont like it, then tough.

 We are given certain guidelines to follow.  Some ‘guidelines’ are stricter than others – for instance, we have to do a storyboard for movies and information points.  I don’t want to work like that, thats not how I work!  I want to do flowcharts and diagrams and map things as they come out of my head so I can refine them later.

Obviously, DiDA students are forced to conform to these ‘guidelines’, as failure to do so would result in failing the course.   However, I question the usefulness of plans that are forced upon us and dictated to us.

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