Opening up my GCSE revision notes

I decided to type up the bulk of my GCSE revision notes over the holidays as a form of revision. Then it hit me – if I am digitizing so much knowledge, why not make it freely available to everyone?

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I have decided to release my notes under the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.5. These ‘creative’ licenses, sometimes referred to as ‘copyleft’, serve to remove some of the restraints copyright puts on your work. For example, with the license I have chosen, anyone is free to copy my work – for commercial gain or otherwise – as long as:

  1. I am attributed;
  2. The license of the work is stated wherever it is used;

However, I can waive any of the above terms.

Anyway, the revision notes, which will feature in the… umm… features section, will be based on the Joomla! CMS. This particular system allows logins and multiple authors, forums and so on, so if the site is popular then I may open the system up as a community site.

I am taking the following subjects at GCSE level:

  • English Language and literature
  • Mathematics (higher tier)
  • Science (Salters double award)
  • DiDA
  • Business
  • Geography (?) *
  • German *

*I may or may not feature these.

Watch this space!

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    Well I bloody hope so, amount of shoe boxes I sent them. Ungrateful bastards

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