New WordPress released, Project 365 update

It seems like forever since I have been here.

It is 12am here, but I feel that I must write at least something tonight.  So here it is: WordPress 2.1 has just been released with a whole host of new features and improvements (grab it here).  Amongst other things, my favorite features look like they will be:

  • Built in spell checker (how can anyone survive without Firefox’s built-in dictionaries?)
  • Auto-save (just like gmail; no more accidentally pressing backspace outside of a textbox and losing 20 minutes worth of waffle)
  • Customizable homepages, sans-plugins

I will install this tomorrow, all being well, but I can almost guarantee that this will screw up my homepage and will take several hours to fix – which may span across several days depending on how much time I have to spare.

In addition to continuing my eternal quest to learn PHP proper, I have been taking at least one photo every day as part of my ‘project 365’.  I mentioned earlier that I would host these online, but I am having some trouble with this currently.  They should be on this site in some form or another early February, even if this means that they are integrated into my main blog.  I am currently debating whether to keep an online photo-diary, or just display the pictures in some sort of gallery.

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