The Great System Purge

The system techies at Landau Forte College are gearing up for a sweep of your user areas, and you have less than a week to cover your tracks.

This isn’t something that will happen to a couple of repeat-offending scapegoats after a seven day amnesty – the network admins are applying pressure now, and they are locked on to you.

Case and point – two students were pulled out of DiDA today for being on ‘inappropriate sites’ recently and are having letters sent home to their parents. Yeah, you know, DiDA, that quadrouple ICT thing which is pet subject of the senior ICT staff. ICT can’t afford to fail its first batch of DiDA students – if it was any other subject then the students would probably had their Internet access removed. This is 6 days before the end of the ‘amnesty’.

Less than a clean record? Delete the following:

  • Flash games that you have downloaded to your user area;
  • Proxies in your favourites – yes, even that one you named ‘BBC Bitesize’;
  • Pictures of bands or celebrities;
  • Lyrics and guitar tabs;
  • Music;
  • Links to ‘inapropriate sites’ such as game sites, social networks or streaming media.

And stay off those games sites and MySpace for a few weeks. Better to keep your head down until the techies are off high-alert than lose your Internet access and possibly your access to your user area for the rest of the year.

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  1. I second this Dan, the techies have a list of all the proxies and can see straight away the sites you’ve been too in the past year!

    So don’t search Men is showers or Myspace do work!

    I still want to know how I got caught and Chris Thomas didn’t! He was on myspace all D203 lesson!

  2. P.S I’ve just bought a high tech mini PDA, access my emails on the go! Saves using proxies I guess but did cost £150 more!

  3. Leach from wifi hotspots or use GPRS. Obv the first is the free option!

    Its also a phone but it is a bit of a brick!

  4. any one have a clue what the wep codes for school are

    the only way i have of getting msn at school without proxys is begging to use mahsanns phone

    with the wep keys i could use my psp or ds

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