This blog is on hold

I’m resigning from this blog for a few months.  I have put up my notices on the homepage, and I have taken down everything except the blog, which I will keep for the time being for archive and to explore my thoughts occasionally.

This is obviously something that I regret having to do, but my studies and exams are more important at the moment and I’d rather this site be anticipated as something that is soon to take off than something merely mediocre.

When the site returns it will be with an entirely new theme, built from scratch and optimized for future updates.  It will be cleaner, leaner, and optimized.  It will be beautiful.  Code is poetry, don’cha know.

The final DiDA deadline is on Wednesday, and after that it’s solid revision until my exams.  I am then presented with a 10-week holiday, 4 weeks of which my girlfriend will be in Malaysia and during the whole of which parties and gigs occur in the evenings… so I will have long, free days in which to code.

I’m looking forward to it.

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