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  1. NOW YOU KNOW WHY THEY HATE US. The Bull about our freedoms is all crock. What bortehs me is that none of this is being reported in the USA/UK Howish media. Not only was it enough that the zionists had control of the Nazie party and demise but are at it here and all over the world. Over 160 countries have booted them out–LIERS & CHEATS!

  2. There is no such thing as “Jews”!It’s just a religious term nowadays and it it can’t be given a racial or even ethnic meaning.Jews are a melting pot of haplogroups and genes from all around the world, including American Indians, Khazars, Ethiopids and others.

  3. Accountability is the most important. Now that the 2 SS is dead Israel has nothing with which to string the Palestinians along. So there is no cost to going to the international community. Israel has to be made accountable. Saying G-d gave the land doesn’t cut the mustard any more.

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