10 interesting questions that every intelligent Christian must answer

Why won’t god heal amputees?

This is an interesting question that it is easy to dismiss. Along with 9 other often overlooked questions regarding faith, a blog asking this question made ‘most interesting blog’ on Myspace today, attracting over 30,000 views.

The questions are as follows:

  1. Why won’t god heal amputees? There are cases where people claim to have been healed by miracles. One can’t help but to notice that these are in almost every case things that might just have got better anyway.
  2. Why are there so many starving people in our world? If you propound that God listens to you and answers your prayers, how can you believe that he answered your prayers for a raise and yet allows millions to die from starvation and disease?
  3. Why does God demand the death of so many innocent people in the bible? There are probably more than you realize – the demands listed in the post (to kill anyone who works on the sabbath day, homosexuals, girls that are not virgins when they marry etc.) just scratch the surface. And ‘the bible corrects itself elsewhere’ isn’t a defence; how can you full heartedly trust something that contradicts itself?
  4. Why does the bible contain so much anti-scientific nonsense? Such as the idea that the universe is only a couple of thousand years old, that Jonah lived inside a whale for 3 days etc.
  5. Why is God such a huge proponent of slavery in the bible? The post includes examples of how ‘slaves should obey their masters as they would obey Christ’, amongst others. Personally I would substitute this one for something else. Perhaps ‘why is God so jealous and unforgiving in the old testament?’
  6. Why do bad things happen to good people? Such as their deaths in painful ways. If they are going to meet God anyway, why deprive them of their lives?
  7. Why didn’t any of Jesus’ miracles in the bible leave behind any evidence? It’s quite strange. All we really have is a book compiled 200 years after his death, written mostly by people who never met him.
  8. How do we explain the fact that Jesus has never appeared to you? If he’s all-powerful and timeless, why wait for a second-coming?
  9. Why would Jesus want you to eat his body and drink his blood? If you actually consider this for a second, it sounds more Satanic than Christian. And no, if you are Catholic as opposed to a derivative such as an Anglican, you believe that you are really consuming Jesus’ flesh and blood.
  10. Why do Christians get divorced at the same rate as non-Christians? “What God has put together, let no man put asunder”. But it happens regardless.

This is by no means a perfect list. The questions can be deflected by clumsy rationalization; for example ‘bad things happen because it gives us a chance to do good’. That doesn’t answer a question, however – why would a loving god allow such injustice? Even with suggestions such as the Irenaean Theodicy, such suffering directly contradicts the idea of the Christian God as omnibenevolent.

Another seemingly good argument that could be used here is the idea that ‘badness’ is merely a lack of ‘goodness’, and as God is ‘goodness’, ‘badness’ can be assumed to be the lack of God. However, I feel inclined to quote Steven Weinberg: “With or without religion you’d have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” Feel free to substitute ‘bad’ for ‘evil’.

What’s more interesting than this imperfect list, however, is the responses of many of the Christian commenters. There is more reasoning and intelligent conversation happening lately, but some of the older ones really are quite pathetic. Like suggesting that the argument isn’t valid beacuse of grammatical errors and incorrect word usage. And attacking the author, an ad hominem argument. Excluding unfounded outbursts of zealous blind faith, of course.

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  1. Deep but this really doesn’t satisfy my need for gossip =]

    You and my RE teaacher should so meet up sometime!

  2. Lol well if he’s willing to hold a conversation and raise interesting questions without having to refer to the ‘its my faith’ argument, then point him towards this post… could be useful revision for my philosophy exam 🙂

  3. Haha *thinks* yeah he does have a pc… but not a tv…

    Lmao I wouldn’t know how to drop it into a conversation…

    He wouldn’t say that, he is very good at making you think that maybe there is something behind religion and he is very knowledgeable

    I can see him even making you question your opinion…

  4. You could always email a link to his school email or something? 😛

    Well, I do try to keep an open mind as far as most things go – if something is indisputably proved by evidence then I’m not going to try to argue against it just because it opposes something I believe now. Not that this means that isolated ideas that can’t be disproved by current knowledge and science are going to turn me into an Evangelical, it would have to be added to the rather large list of ideas and proved facts on the other side of the scale. But it could be an interesting and worthwhile discussion 🙂

  5. Indeed

    I shall have a think about being weird and giving him this link.

    Hes nice though, he comes in just to teach ours lessons and doesnt get paid for it. ^^

  6. The only answer to these questions is
    “because he can”

    Haha, sorted.
    Even though I don’t believe the bible and ive never been bothered to read it, I do believe in God, but not how he is portrayed in the Bible. Also many of the stories could be propaganda, and tales pasted on. Kinda like stories about dragons and witches. I mean, you have phil, phils mum and sami who are all wigans and do magic, but where is the scientific theory to prove it is or isn’t possible. There isnt any- so does that mean its not real? My religion being that i am a spiritualist I believe in life after dealth and spirits and communication between the spirits,angels and mediums. Here there is hardly any scientific proof- that being temperature flutuation. But does that say spirts do not exsist? If you go to a good medium, not one of these fakes, they will possibly be able to tell you things they could have never known. and i dont mean things like “you came into some money recently” because everyone does. Anyway…

    And I know, why would he let people suffer? Maybe there is an answer for it, we just don’t know it. That sounds reallly stupid. Without suffering we’d have a Utopia wouldn’t we? H.G Wells covered that in his books. Life would be pointless with out the need to strive and be the best. Because there wouldnt be a best. There wouldnt be workers to provide us with the luxuries as that wouldnt be Utopia for them would it?(I know there are Morlocks in The Time Machine)
    I mean a stupid example of the modern day attempt to save people from getting hurt is the rediculous “health and safety act”. This is stopping us from doing things we did 10 years ago. Like, science lessons… years ago we could blow things up and such, now its all theory based- “If you did this this will happen but were not going to do this children as you might burn your little fingers”.
    I do believe there is a reason for everything and theres a certain path we have to follow.
    We learn from the bad things that happen to us, too much so that we have been forced to comply with a health and safety act.
    Maybe the increase in natural disasters is to compensate in the decrease of incidents? i don’t know.
    I think i’m done =]

  7. No, length is fine 🙂

    I must ask where you get your ideas if God then, if not from some religious authority? Are you saying that you’ve created your own idea of god in your own head? Doesn’t that sort of suggest that he’s a figment of your imagination? If I suggested that Napoleon followed be around and revealed to me what I should do with my life, I would be considered a schizophrenic. However, you couldn’t prove that he doesn’t exist, in the same way that Sami and Phil’s mum can’t prove that they can do magic and that you can’t prove that there’s a god. But as I believe in Napoleon, and he is real to me, then by that logic he must exist. Getting into this frame of mind – that things are real unless you can disprove them – is very dangerous. If Sami and Phil’s mum’s inability to do any sort of magic on command doesn’t disprove their religion, then how can your inability to disprove the flying spaghetti monster or the invisible pink unicorn make them any less real than your spiritual god?

    I can’t personally tell you how to make a straw hat or how my iPod works. That doesn’t mean that they’re magic, it just means that someone with a higher order of knowledge to me knows things that I don’t. I don’t know how con-men are going to trick me out of my money, or how optical illusions are made. I don’t know how some mediums appear to know things about you. Does this mean that they must be magical, incredible exceptions to the rules of science and reason that everything else in the universe is content to abide by?

    There is no increase in natural disasters.

    H.G. Wells was a famous atheist, so I’m not sure what you’re hoping to achieve there.

    “After being exposed to Darwinism in school, H.G. Wells converted from devout Christian to devout Darwinist and spent the rest of his life proselytizing for Darwin and eugenics.” (http://www.answersingenesis.org/tj/v18/i3/disciple.asp)

  8. hey

    surely the whole point of god and religion is blind faith and there is questions that you cant answer and its your choice if you choose to believe. And yes i can image some old person who cant find an answer simply blaming the grammar because they cant answer. Also i see you don’t post a list whats wrong with atheistic believes :p

  9. People have their faiths for various reasons. Blind faith can be a result of this, but it isn’t a cause. You have to consider where your faith comes from.

    Most often people are religious because their parents or schools told them to be. But should you really have blind faith in something just because someone has told you to? If what they are telling you has been disproved and can be disproved again and again through experimentation, developments in science, or hard evidence, should you really believe it just because you have been told to?

    Other people are religious because they like the morals that they say their religion provides. But throughout history, more blood has been spilt in the name of religion than anything else. George Bush said that god told him to attack Iraq. Stories of religious terrorism dominate the news. Again I feel obliged to quote Steven Weinberg:

    “With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”

    The problem with a list of the faults of atheists is that atheism isn’t a belief, its a lack of beliefs – something entirely different. You don’t hear of murders made ‘in the name of atheism’.

  10. theres no need to be mean i was just saying!

    and i never mentioned that people should believe stuff because they have just been told, cause that is just pointless. My point was that in you believe in anything not necessarily just religion you don’t need to question everything. Also people fighting in the name in religion is wrong and historically many people would fight in the name of religion but simply be expanding there lands. Also yes science does prove some points of religion wrong but it also proves some right

    and the lest point was a joke :p

  11. Lol sorry, I don’t mean to come across as mean, just expanding on points to stimulate discussion 😛

    I completely agree with your point that many people use religion as a tool for political gain. The problem here is that the people who attacked other countries ‘in God’s name’ in all likeliness either did so with clear minds that they were doing the right thing in their God’s eyes, or did it specifically to increase religious territory – the crusades, for example. Just as one could argue that the bible can be interpreted to promote tolerance, it can also be interpreted to advocate violence – for example when the Christian God decided that he would give his followers the lands of Canan and a few other places north of Egypt and ordered that ‘everything that breathes there must be destroyed’. With people of all ages equally zealous that their interpretation is the most accurate, it’s hard to derive real meaning.

    I must say though that I disagree with your idea of not having to question everything – I believe that this is how we learn and avoid being played for fools by people and establishments with agendas, and I don’t really get the logic behind defending something with no proof vs. something with demonstratable proof.

    In religion’s defense, it did grow out of a form of science – the desire to explain the way the world works. The Abrahamic religions are direct descendants of sun-worship religions such as Paganism and Mithraism, with a lot of crossover and evidence still evident in culture today, so it’s quite interesting to follow how these things developed and how scientific intent became religion. Out of honest interest, what part of religion would you consider science to have proved correct?

    I don’t mean to come across as a bit of a shit, it’s just that P&E sort of gets you into the mindset that things are to be questioned.

  12. you didn’t come across a shit, what is P&E?

    Although i do agree with the point that we needed to question things, especially me, as i am one of those annoying people who like to know every detail. However when you know and trust something so much that you don’t need to question it. so meerrrr :p

    To be honest i don’t know enough about the subject to say anymore, i don’t want to be one of those people who talk crap and clearly don’t know what they are saying. But this doesn’t mean you have won i will return :p

  13. P&E: Philosophy and Ethics.

    Lol this was the entire point of the post – why do people put so much trust and faith into something that that cannot be proven – how does this begin? Merrrrrr 😛

    And I don’t doubt that you will return. I look forward to many interesting argumeerrrrrrmmm.. debates.. with you 🙂

  14. You’re right about people believing because of school etc. You just have to look at half the people in my school! Saying this though, when you go to a school mass sometimes you really can feel something, but maybe its just because it is relaxed and you have time to just think about things. Catholics are not meant to get divorced, ‘wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder’ (mattybabes) but if they have done everything like going to marriage councillor and speaking with your priest then what do you expect? And they still have the influence of society not just religion. You are going to still want a divorce; people say God has given us free will. ‘God’ said many things, the 10 commandments are broken daily, but people nowadays don’t take everything the bible says seriously, like Jonas story.

    That didnt make sence so, changing the subject:

    ‘Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.’ I know a song with this bible quote in it! =] ‘though the darknes may last for the night, his joy comes in the morning’ (8) wooo

  15. Why was the first slave ship named Jesus?
    Why did the Catholics help Nazi’s escape dressed as priests?

    These Christians aren’t as good as FYS make out.

    Another favourite lyric of mine
    “Sleeping on the step of a church whose doors are locked. Livin’ in a cardboard box, inside at the shrine the Priest sips fine wine dines on fine food and looks for a sign. No mother no father, no shoes nor a bed, no place to relax and rest his weary head. Where his next meal will come from nobody knows. But everyone can see the church is covered in gold”
    Ian Brown – Street Childen

    Btw I didn’t even read your post I just saw the word christian.

  16. Answers to the questions:

    1. Amputees: It is true many people assert God’s intervention in their lives in ways that are suspect. God does not appear to directly intervene in obvious ways in the modern era and I suspect much of the things attributed to Him are merely naturaly healing. BUT… if God exists, He CAN heal amputees if He wishes to, and may, in fact, have done so. Just because you’ve never seen it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. The behavior of Christians and the commands of the Bible are not necessarily the same thing. We are commanded to pray, to ask God to meet our needs, and to give praise to Him for all things, good and bad. Don’t mistake a Christian giving praise to his Creator for healing for a Christian claiming divine intervention. They are different things. And while it is true some Christians do claim Divine Intervention, it doesn’t mean they are right, and the fact they may be wrong doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist (which is what the question implies). Also, consider this: if God healed amputees, how would you doubt Him? More on the obvious flaw in this argument to follow.

    2. Starving people: A quote from the Bible: Romans 3:15 “For He says to Moses, “I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.” This may not please you or satisfy you, but IF God exists, your opinion about His motives is irrelevant. People who are so arrogant they say, “I couldn’t believe in a God who would do such and such,” are beyond fools. Who cares what you think? He’s God and your opinion is less than worthless. IF He exists, which is the whole context of the question, right?

    3.See the above answer. Same thing applies. And the Bible doesn’t correct itself, whoever asserts that doesn’t understand the Bible at all with regards to this matter, in my opinion.

    4. The Bible does not contain any anti-scientific nonsense. The Bible does not say anywhere the universe is 2000 years old, this is a myth. The Bible is not a scientific text and doesn’t claim to be. The Bible is a history book. The only things which suggest periods of time are the geneologies in both the old testament and the gospels. It can be inferred about 6000 years passed from the time of Adam to the present, but the Bible does not state the time. The Bible does not state, “There were no other generations omitted from the geneologies.” If you want to point at this and state it invalidates Scripture, I can’t stop you, but by the application of true logic, you are wrong. Ultimately, though, this is a matter of faith. You can kick and scream against that assertion all you want (or snort and ignore it derisively), but that won’t change anything. Your faith is in Science. You have good reason to put your faith there, concrete, observational, logical reasons. You’ll get no argument from me on that. But Science won’t save you from death and it won’t save you from your own sin. If God exists, and the Bible accurately reports His nature, you need a hope Science can’t provide. I understand you reject this, fine, but my Faith is in God, not science. If you think that makes me a fool, I guess we’re even.

    5. The question asserts God is proponent of slavery. This is a flat out lie. Show me any passage where God says, “Slavery is good. I want you to spread this practice because I’m a proponent of it.” Slavery exists in the old testament because men are evil, not God.

    6. Bad things to good people. I don’t know. I’ll ask God when I see Him. But the fact bad things happen to good people in no way invalidates the existence of God or in any way impacts His holiness, power, or goodness. I know this argument is annoying, I agree, but it is inescapable. IF God exists, we simply aren’t qualified to judge Him. This may be troubling, but it in no way applies to whether or not there is a God. Limited beings cannot comprehend, let alone critique an infinate Being. His motives are beyond understanding, unless He Himself chooses to explain. And so far, He hasn’t.

    7. Jesus miracles: What evidence were you looking for? Photographs? A vidoe of a leper being cured? Some wine with a trail of custody proving it was once water? It’s a nonsense question. And please get your facts straight. Some liberal scholars assert the Bible was written about 100-200 years after Christ. But many liberal scholars and all conservative scholars put the period of time at about 35-100 years. And the New Testament was written by mostly people who saw and handled Jesus (Matthew, Mark, John, Paul, James, Jude). Two of them were His hafl-brothers! Again, there is debate about the legitimacy of the authors, but most of the controversy is based on the initial assumption miracles don’t occur, therefore it all had to be made up years later. There is NO forensic or extra-biblical evidence to support those theories. If there is, educate me. Extra-biblical sources do tell us all of the apostles except John died sticking to their story. I know you’ve heard this argument and probably reject it, but I think it’s a good one. A man might die for what he thought was the truth, but 11 men would not die for what they KNEW was a lie. The apolstes saw Jesus miracles and were put to death sticking to thier story. That is legal evidence. If all you accept is scientific evidence we’ll have to stop belieivng there was a Cesaer.

    8. Jesus hasn’t appeared. Don’t know. I’ll ask him when I see Him. But the fact He hasn’t is not any kind of evidence He doesn’t exist.

    9. Flesh and Blood. He doesn’t. Catholics are wrong. The sacraments are symbols. He didn’t say, “Do this so you can be nourished by M literal flesh and blood.” He said, “Do this in REMEMBRANCE of Me.” Not sure how it could be any clearer He as speaking symbolically.

    10. Divorce. Because Christians are sinners like all other groups of human beings. Our poor performance does not in any way prove God doesn’t exist. These kinds of arguments delight those who reject God and/or Christianity, but they are ad hominum arguments and have no logical validity. Christians shouldn’t divorce as much as other groups. The fact we do is a terrible tragedy.

    Conclusion. I know my arguments won’t satisfy most of you. The Bible does not explicitly state why God remains hidden, why he allows evil to continue, why He does many of the things He does. Any argument to Gods MOTIVE is a waste of time. Our limited human appraisal of why a Supreme Being would do anything a certain way is a fun exercise, clever, and sometimes funny, but has no logical validity. Most of these questions were aimed at Gods motives. So I’ll offer you one, getting back to the flaw I mentioned earlier. The flaw is, why would God want anybody to doubt him? Why hide? It’s a good question.

    The only reason I can come up with, in my extremely limited human wsidom, is to give is the ability to choose where we will put our faith. If God intervened, if He healed amputees, appeared in the world, or did most of the things referred to above, nobody would have a choice. Maybe the purpose of the choice is to demonstrate something to each of us about our own hearts.

    I could be far wrong. The bottom line is, IF God exists, arguing about WHY He does anything is without merit. for me, the arguments about whether or not God exists stem from the very nature of existence.

    I don’t believe the universe is eternal. If it were, we would have crossed an infinate amount of time to reach the moment we are in now. I don’t believe any effect happens without a cause. You can argue multiple dimensions and mathmatical theory until you’re blue in the face. “The attributes of God are revealed in that which has been created”.

    Works for me.

  17. Rick: First I must point out that these are not my points, they were copied from the linked blog. However:

    1. Well, you’d be correct in saying that I have a hard time differentiating between a christian praying to god to save them, and one that imagines that praying to their god will save them; sounds like splitting hairs to me. You’re also completely right in saying that I shouldn’t disbelieve the idea of divine intervention just because I’ve never seen, but you are also completely wrong if you are suggesting that we should assume that he can anyway. Things have to be proved in isolated conditions before they can be assumed. If god did heal an amputee then of course I wouldn’t doubt him, it’s not like I’d argue against solid proof. The point undermines the idea that the christian god could have an active role in the earth.

    2. Romans 3:15 says what, that god will treat people however he wants? How is that a good example to live by? If people are arrogant who say they can’t subscribe to a religion whose deity is intolerant, infanticidal, genocidal and treats people however he pleases, surely that’s nothing to the arrogance of people who believe that god was kind enough to create the humans in his own image, give humans priority over any of his other creations, and that the world is flat and the universe orbits the planet and anyone that says otherwise is a heretic. This is assuming the context of you being involuntarily indoctrinated into your religion from birth, rather than choosing it with a completely head, free of cultural influence. Which, of course, isn’t going to happen.

    3. If the bible doesn’t correct itself then what does it do, just bare-faced contradict itself? Or should we really be gathering up people who work on the sabbath and stone them to death? This sounds an awful lot like you’re suggesting that anyone that interprets the bible differently to you is wrong. You can’t really call anyone arrogant after proposing this, if this is indeed what you are suggesting.

    4. I respect you for acknowledging that this would appear to invalidate scripture for anyone that prefers observational and affirmable fact to ancient superstition. I would like to point out that even if it were not a fair assumption to say that ‘x, the son of y’ doesn’t ommit generations, Luke’s genealogy tracing adam back 70-odd generations has almost NO overlap with any of the other accounts in the bible.
    I disagree, science prolongs my life and provides cures for crippling, torturous disease. But if you believe that your superstition will save you from ‘sin’ in your eternal afterlife then that’s your business. Personally, to quote Voltaire, I believe that as I was dead for billions of years (or 5 or 6 thousand?) before I was born, and that didn’t inconvinience me in the slightest. I don’t see why it should be any different when I die.

    5. I find it hard to comprehend why god would create laws for the handling of slaves if he considered it abhorrent and a damnable sin, but admittedly that could just be my shortsightedness.

    6. Yes, I’ll agree that thats a good argument provided that you subscribe to the idea of god. You can’t argue with unreasonable faith. Although, personally, I reject this idea on the grounds of reason, so it doesn’t really have any weight at all for me.

    7. Also interesting is how Matthew’s account of Herod ordering the mass execution of any child under the age of 2 isn’t recorded in any other record of the time, even by Herod’s critics. And how actually there was never a census of the roman empire in its entire history, which sort of puts into question the idea that Joseph and Mary and literally hundreds of thousands of other citizens to relocate to the origins of their dead ancestors, basically to sign a tax form.

    No, that is not a fair comparison. Caesar is inextricably cross-referenced through countless secular (read: non-biased) sources. The accounts you have suggested were all hand-copied over hundreds of years across multiple languages by monks with their own agendas, part of the same authority that burnt anyone who disagreed with it at the stake in a period we sentimentally term ‘the dark ages’.

    8. No, this is quite a weak point. It’s effectively neutral.

    9. I would agree with you on the clearness of that statement, although bear in mind that until Martin Luther came along all services were given in Latin anyway, and as 90% of the population couldn’t read English, let alone latin, the interpretation was down to the church. And catholicism is true christinaity – you know, the branch that kept power within Rome when the empire was threatening to tear itself apart. All other forms are derivatives and effectively splinter groups, which I guess is fine as long as you realize that, but it does put to question the purity of the original message that is retained.

    10. I’m not going to argue in favour of this point because I thought it was crap.

    Conclusion – Although we are never going to agree, it was fascinating to have this insight to your thoughts and I thank you for taking the time to write such a compelling comment. At the end of the day you have your faith and I have my reason and that’s fine. Your argument for motive is a good one, providing that you subscribe to faith. The post was only meant to be a little fun, and I would agree with you that these aren’t the strongest arguments for either side – there are much better arguments for both sides.

    Your last point isn’t really related to the rest of the post and really needs a whole new post to justify it, but to summarize, just because you can’t explain something does not by any stretch mean that god must have done it.

  18. (No.5) Unless you are a fundamentalist Christian, you don’t have to believe that what the Bible says is literally true. I doubt there are too many rational Christians who would seriously be convinced that God made the world in 7 days etc. Interpreting the message might be more important.

  19. What kind of person are you looking for God to create?

    A preprogrammed robat?
    Without free will we are are all like robats just Bopping along without any choice at all. Just emotionless humanoids. The choice is ours to make right or wrong, good or bad, stupid or intelligent. God offers the choices. we accept or reject. He does not make the choice fo us. always ours to chppse

    That choice is

  20. The problem is with the basic understanding of God and man. The fundamental truth about God is not his love, but that He is holy. He is set apart, he is distinct in his ways from man, perfect in all. That includes his love but also his justice. The fundamental truth about man is that he has despised God the creator and worshipped other things (ultimately himself and his own desires). So man is bad, not good. What he deserves is justice for breaking the law of God (10 commandments) not love.
    The questions are all easily answered from this foundation of truth. This is Bible 101, anyone who has taken any time to understand what the Bible says would know this. The above questions come from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know the basic truths of the Bible. Not surprising since many so-called ‘christians’ don’t know this either.
    Out of these basic facts of reality comes the plan of God to apply his holy justice and demonstrate forgiving love at the same time. “Christ died for sins once for all, the just for the unjust, so that He might bring us to God…” It’s in a letter written by Peter, Jesus’ friend and disciple, to others who believed. The chapter and verse were made up later by others so people could look it up easier. It’s just a letter that he wrote – inspired by the living God. If you care you can find it. If you want to remain ignorant of the basic facts of the Bible go on in your erroneous beliefs about what true Christians believe. Surely there are various beliefs in the secondary issues among true Christians (points about baptism, communion, the ‘end times’, etc.) But these truths, which are in essence the summary story of the Bible, are agreed upon by true Christians.

  21. Hi everyone, just a simple answer to question 2, God has diligently provided more than enough of everything to feed everyone on earth, but would you sell what you have to help someone in need? Can you give till it hurts? Perhaps sacrifice your TV to help somebody? God is not to blame in this, lets look at ourselves for a little while. Feel a little selfish?

  22. Hello, i’ll answer the question the best i can…

    1. God won’t heal amputees? Look at the bible, bro. If you didn’t believe a miracle that is natural and logical or shall i say ‘Earthly’, how can you believe a miracles that is ‘heavenly’ when an amputee instantly grows an arm? Or maybe amputees is given their ‘test’ to live, most of amputees i know ended become a ‘Kind’ religious people, because it’s God’s plan to turn their lives instantly or should a say a light punishment. And if there is any? Will you believe it?

    2. Well, my answer is you have to look on the mirror, buddy, God gives us the land that must work on, But, you wanted a rain of meatballs like in a film? You’re Lazy if you thinks like that. It’s all humans’ fault to destroy the lives of nature, ecosystem with your war and over-exploiting? Now you blame God? Examples : The Stone Age people that some do not believe in God (B.C’s) respects nature, and nature gives us food, but modern people starts Global-Warming, Greenhouse Effect, etc. You destroy nature, even if there IS no God (which i really dont want to say), How can Nature give you food, if you don;t respect Nature and God, seriously, you’re selfish.

    3. That is Moses’ Law or should i say Jews’ law. I say the bible are true, but Those LAWS is written by God, i know. It could be the Jews’ failed to understand God’s words that means anything that’s not same like it’s written. For examples, Sabbath days….Maybe God didn’t want the Jews’ to be as extreme as that, you still can carry your straws, etc. But with a praise to God.

    4. It’s some kind of time-difference, what if the ‘Time’ which was days in Heaven differ than the mortal World? 1 day for Lord is like 1 million years?
    Jonah was said not to be EATEN by WHALE, but a certain big fish, and God is probably orders the Fish not to eat Jonah, because of he is repenting his sins to ran away, Just like God forgives Niniwe.

    5. Don’t you know that Israels are ‘retards’ in the desert, God simply punish them who is not believe in him, instead praying to Demons. He’s forgiving, if you look closely to bible, God forgives every time the Israels commit a sin.
    Slavery? You didn’t understand the bible at all. He said Slaves to master, because WE deserved to be slaves. But he rose up so we can be His child, so we have to obey Christ like ‘slaves obey his masters’, thats makes sense.

    6. Don’t u know that satans, simply testing them to see if you’re in tight spot, you will still obey or not, God gives Satan permission, to test them myself, and wants to see if his Child has a really deep faith in themselves? Th trial is not exeeds the power of his childs. Deaths is matter of ready or not. If they ready, not even deaths, exceeds the power of them.

    7. Does Noah’s Ark and A Horse Train in the deeps of the sea which Moses ‘cut’ isn’t enough for you?
    Or maybe you can create a time machine and sees the miracles, and record the miracles. :p

    8. Do you believe me if i said i see him in a vision and talks to me? I have a ‘gift’ like that?
    And will you belief me if a people i know really see Jesus through Vision?

    9. You didn’t understand the bible at all and still dare to question like this? You said eat it like Earthly people? No. You simply doesn’t know a ‘symbol’ which is also, logical. Whe you ate Jesus’ body, mean he become one with you. And no to eat a bread or drink wine, but with your heart you believe him and do as your ‘good will’ says, you will also ‘eat’ the Jesus’ body and become one wit him by Heart bonds.

    10. Divorces is a free will. You can say that divorces is really a deep sin, and you will have to repent by reunite with your husband or wife. It’s not a good morale to divorce too right?

  23. I don’t have time to type a full response to all these questions. Google them, all were thoughly (and convincingly) answered long ago.

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