Quietening my processor

OK, so the compressed air thing didn’t really work.  The volume of this thing really has to be heard to be believed.  It is possibly even louder than my old base unit which had some sort of beasty extractor fan on the side.

I’m pretty sure that it’s not the PSU fan, because that makes a reasonable humming sound.  But there is the most irritating, high-pitched whirring sound coming from just inside the case.  The fan over the processor is something akin to the head of a small child, so I’m guessing that could be the culprit.

Short of buying a new fan, any suggestions?

7 Responses to “Quietening my processor”

  1. NameJyoti says:

    Ummm… are you sure it’s not from the HD?

  2. orangeacid says:

    I don’t believe so… I thought HD noise was more intermittent as it searched for files? This is more of a uniform whirr.

    I didn’t realise how awkward this form must be to use BTW – it’s more obvious to me because I designed it but I’ll sort it out so that the form fields clear themselves when you click in them.

    I haven’t had a chance to check the site in Safari either… does it look OK?

  3. Moley says:

    Hmmmm… Try switching an old HDD in to it to make sure its not the source of the noise. if it is you should get it replaced try to salvage any stuff on the HDD you can.

  4. orangeacid says:

    Not interested in getting rid of the harddrives, it was fine with the original 120GB one for months and started to get noisy before I installed the extra 400GB slave. Trust, it’s not the harddrive.

    I have a temperature monitor installed that I guess is linked to the PSU/CPU fans. Might try to see if I can retard it.

  5. I use Firefox, but I just checked it in Safari: looks good. Text looks nicer for some reason, in this box.

    Why does it say Search instead of Email now?

  6. orangeacid says:

    Sorry about that… I added some Javascript to the comment form and used ‘curly quotes’ rather than ‘plain quotes’ by accident. Now the textbox erases itself when you click on it, and then reappears if you don’t type anything. Hopefully that will get around names like ‘Name:Jyoti’.

    The website box doesn’t reappear… I left this one off so people can click it to void it.

    I have twitter BTW, as you may have noticed 😀

  7. Esperanza says:

    An answer from an expert! Thanks for contiibutrng.

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