is reborn

So… here is… dead?

No, not really.  I have had to reset my blog, website, and databases, which meant losing everything that had happened on in the last 6 months or so.

Does this upset me?  Well, yes at first, as it felt unfair that this should have to happen.  But looking over the posts I have lost (the posts still exist by the way, just not on the live website), I realised that the majority of them were just explanations for periods of absense, and promises of things to come.

It is perhaps a good thing that I have to start from scratch. ‘Scratch’ is used loosely here, as I have already got the visual frontend for the site saved to disk; easy enough to restore.  But from a content perspective, was stagnant at best.

In the re-creation of the website, I have started to include elements that are long overdue – elements such as sidebars that change per site-section, user logins, and a properly thought-through comment section.  Sections will be added at a fast pace – perhaps a section per week.  Now I have WordPress back up, blog posts should come thick and fast to fill the void where the old blog posts once lived.

So, here it is., once more, from the top. 

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