Tragic tale of the guy who sold the broken laptop

A story cropped up on SlashDot this morning which caught my attention.  This is called revenge:

A 19 year old called Amir Massoud Tofangsazan from Barnet sold a faulty laptop on eBay in late November of 2005.  The buyer paid £375, and the laptop was apparently unposted for 2 months.

Apart from the laptop  (listed on eBay as being in working order) not working, it was also missing some 1.5GB of RAM, and lacking the DVD-RW that it was listed as having.

When the buyer attempted to get a refund, Amir claimed that there was nothing wrong with the laptop.  Even if the laptop was in working order when it was mailed, surely this doesn’t explain the lack of RAM and a DVD-RW drive?  After some persistence, the buyer managed to get Amir to say he would pay up – but then Mr Tofangsazan claimed to have moved to Dubai and hoped that the buyer would forget about the laptop.  But he didn’t.


The buyer removed the faulty laptop’s hard-drive and accessed all the personal information that Amir had neglected to delete.  He then proceeded to sign up for a free Blogger account under the name of the seller, and posted a spoof blog about the incident.

The blog includes mainly pictures off Amir’s hard-drive, including gay and foot-fetish porn, voyeuristic camera-phone shots of women’s legs on trains, himself, friends, and more.  Far from being tragic, it’s quite hilarious.  The real tradgedy is that the buyer of the laptop (who goes un-named throughout the blog) is facing legal action.

The blog can be viewed here.

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  2. Ah, but in the context of THIS particular discussion, we are (hopefully) not talking about shoddy business practices. There IS a difference between the two, namely that the former makes it into the TI reports, while the latter doesn’t, unless I have been missing something.RM

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