Random posts to fill the void

It occurred to me that now I have restarted this blog, I don’t really have any content.  So, I created a new category just to post random crap in, and I’m just going to post some random crap now to fill the space 🙂

Two days ago, I thought it would be a good idea to buy a very substantial Crate amp from Sound Control, Derby.  I decided to get a GT1200H half-stack, as they were in a sale for a ridiculous price.  It seemed a good idea at the time, and it will be great for gigs, but at any one time it blocks access to at least one of my cupboards or wardrobes, and is so loud that I have to set it to approximately 1/10th power… and even this is too much for the ‘rents.

Then, yesterday, when I should have been doing work for the draining DiDA course (which was moaned about extensively on my old blog and no doubt will be moaned about some more in this one), I decided to go to a barbecue.  It was at a friend of a friend’s dad’s house, and both of the friends are veggies.  This lead to me and the friend of the friend’s boyfriend/toy/thing (who happens to be the vocalist of my band’s main opposition) enjoying char-burgers (which were actually a lot nicer than they looked), potatoes stuffed with cheese and herbs and more potato (but mostly herbs), and pizza which tasted suspiciously like egg custard.

Today, I plan to go to town and film Skirky doing lots of wacky, immature stuff, using a skateboard and most likely breaking things, as Skirky has a tendency to break stuff.  I will then come home and compile these clips (plus some stills I have taken of the town) into a video, put on some funky music that I have acquired copyright permissions to use in the background, and upload the whole thing to my school’s VLE, under the guise of it being a DiDA project.

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