slips into LFC top 20

For some reason truely beyond my understanding, my website has managed to find its way into my school‘s top-20 most visited websites.

I was informed this by the head of IT at LFC, who has taken to addressing me as ‘Mr orangeacid’ whenever he fancys a chat about my site.  I think he’s still unaware that he is referred to informally as ‘bazzaaaa!’.

It is beyond me how a personal, blog based site with barely enough content to keep anyone amused for more than five minutes has achieved this.  Surely it could only be the gallery or  I’m not complaining though, keep the visits coming and I’ll keep up the updates 😀

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  1. la la la la
    im lovin it

    p.s i got to get of the maccy d’s
    from moley

    have i ever said anything about you, i normally stick up for you when bens gripein about ur web hosting

  2. oh beky- smelly

    ps the coments on ur dida video dont work or is that my windows vista

  3. hey im not smelly,

    just for that i think ill never watch tom n jerry with you again :p


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