Coursework deadlines – the bane of my existance?

I currently have the following projects to finish.  Bear in mind that the last week at school was ‘enrichment week’, a week of basically minimal work and maximum doing, making and dossing.

  • Geography coursework due in for tomorrow;
  • Science coursework due in for tomorrow;
  • The final trial coursework for maths due in for Friday (I managed to scrape a D in the last one);
  • A DiDA SPB to plan for and develop.

Am also in possession of the following:

  • Some acute swelling of the throat or something, that has left me with a ‘abused throat’;
  • An inhaler to cure this;
  • Huge throat pains and a pounding headache (which is a little suspicious as I didn’t have either of these before I was issued with my Beclometasone Dipropionate inhaler)

I am now on page 18 of what will turn out to be an around 23-page document which outlines shopping patterns in three districts of my home town.  It makes thrilling reading.  Perhaps I will PDF-erize it and host it on here for those of you who just can’t wait to read it.  Furthermore, I am already 18 words over the depressing 2500-word limit, meaning I will have to shave bits out tomorrow before I can hand it in – naturally, I am wrangling for an extension.

Anyway, our month-long Becky-less and band-less summer holiday is coming up soon (i.e. within four days), so unless I can quickly find myself a job, it looks like some work on the site may actually get done!  (On a side note, I find it highly ironic that someone who once spent a lot of time complaining about my lack of content has now had a site that lacks a single working link for about a fortnight now)

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  1. we want it pdfized what are the three districts is it derby just divided by three or three small parts of derby

  2. Lol you may not have noticed the hint of sarcasm… its REALLY dull, you won’t really want to read it. But in case you have some geography fetish or something, its the CBD (central business district, aka town center), an ‘urban shopping parade’ (Littleover shops), and a ‘retail center’ (Kingsway)

  3. Don’t they call Littleover the “urban shopping paradise”

    Thats what I thought anyway because Iceland and the Co-Op have fantastic bargains not to be seen anywhere else

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