Summer romances

I woke up this morning with a pounding headache and a sensation in my throat akin to having a barbed wire fence dragged through my thorax, and so decided to take the day off school.  My headache is subsiding somewhat now, and as I have a SPB to work on and a geography coursework extension to plead for, as soon as this post is finished I’m going for a shower and dragging myself to school for half a day.

As I lay in bed this morning debating whether or not it would be worth downing a large amount of Ibuprofen and hoping for the best, it struck me how crap summers are.

Everything boils down to the length of the days, and the unnatural heat.  During autumn or winter it is possible to wrap up warm, put the fire on, or wrap a blanket round you.  You can wear as much or as little as you like – a t-shirt, a shirt, a jumper, a coat… even just shorts and a vest if you’re prepared to turn the heating up.  In the summer there is no such flexibility – anything in excess of two layers makes you feel like you’re going to die in the heat, perhaps of a condition where your brain melts through your nostrils.

Yes, it is possible to stay relatively cool in the summer – but its so much work compared to keeping warm in winter.  I don’t want to wear shorts, I want to wear combats or jeans.  I don’t want to wear a t-shirt, I want to wear a t-shirt, a shirt, and a trenchcoat.  I don’t want to wear ickle pumps, I want to wear full-length boots.  What’s more fun?  Attempting to keep cool and being immensely restricted, or wearing whatever you like and being pestered by your girlfriend to wrap her up in your arms and keep her cosy?

The heat and the long day length don’t make meeting up with your girlfriend all that it could be.  You spend a day moaning about the heat, and feeling like death and not doing anything.  You go to the cinema, and it’s still light when you come out.  You go to a gig, and its light the whole time you’re there.  Whats that about?  It’s not the most romantic of conditions.

Oh well, its good for some things I guess.  My throat seems OK now, and the painkillers are starting to take effect.  Time for a shower.

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    your missing quadruple dida. 😛
    arent you lucky we all check your website when your not here to see if youve given a reason for your absense.


  2. Yes, we actually miss you, foy.
    tom has decided to sit on the other side of me instead which is where you usually sit.
    Ive wanted summer to come for quite a while but now its here i wish it would go away for abit again. or just have a nice little breeze so were not constantly hot.
    On the weather though they said there might be abit of rain next week which isnt too bad.

  3. hey

    gerrr these pcs r shit ive tried e messnger n yahoo none will work n it was $10 4 half an hour! so im not going on again

    otherwise the holidays has been great its soooo nice here, its really sunny n warm n there was well nice cake 🙂

    although everyone on plane thinks i am reatered as i screamed when we landed n i complained that my head buttons thing was broken but i pressing the wrong 1

    comment back on this blog 🙂

    love u xxxx

  4. 😮 not again?! two weeks with no contact with you? I may shrivel up and die 🙁 I guess it is expensive tho.

    Lol love how the highlight of the holiday is the cake 🙂 That sounds like the smell that I know.

    The landing and buttons thing also sounds very much like you. thanks for ringing last nite, I enjoyed it 🙂 sounds like the people sitting around you also enjoyed it.

    Love you too xxxxx

  5. well theres pay phones here so ill try ring 🙂 glad u enjoyed it n think the random people i waved at did 2

    im still confused how we are in the future to you (its 4 hours by the way)

    anyway i cant comment again my shitty internet time is almost up n theres food soon 🙂 nut its ok im not going 2 get fat cause i did loads of swimming we was going 2 get out bikes but decied it wasnt a good idea lol

    wish u were here

    love u more :p


  6. lol why not? You’re a good cyclist 🙂 and I would trust you with my life.

    You need to get me a pic of you by the pool! Or sea. Or something.

    Ask Fi to try and explain how you’re not in the future to you, or some strange maldivian person. Could be fun 🙂

    Love you morerest 🙂


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