The von Braun Project

The Lowlifes have had a recent reshuffle and we are now known as the von Braun Project, or the vBP.

Former bassist Andy Dean has been replaced with Joe Ford.  Joe has been sitting in on our band practices for a month or two now, as he basically lives at our drummer’s house in his spare time.  He is also blessed with better equipment and is a faster learner than Andy.  He knows half of our songs and should know the full set before our next gig on the 19th of August.

As mentioned, this is less of a replacement movement and more of a reshuffle; Andy is still a part of the Project, and is taking the role of ‘band manager’.  Essentially this entails:

  • Acquiring gigs;
  • Co-ordinating the band;
  • Organizing videos, photo-shoots and private practice gigs;
  • Helping me organize the band website.

He is doing this with some help of George’s (the drummer’s) dad, who has managed bands in the past.

Now that we have a proper band name, I can start work on the website.  I have a friend that is into photography and has a very good camera who has agreed to take some band pictures of us, and who may also agree to photograph some gigs.  Now all we need is a logo, which I have some ideas for, and work can start on the band website – which will be based on the same platform as my school’s website, if you’re interested, which is called Joomla!.

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