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  1. thanks to Adam at Pomomusings there is a way to share your Facebook Status Updates on your blog. He has actually crateed a small plugin called Facepress Statuspress which, when used with the hosted version of WordPress will allow the blogger to display their

  2. Vorstellen, mein name ist Intan Aprillina der sozialen klasse XII-S3. Ich werde ihnen sagen,dass meine taglichen aktivitaten,wachte ich um 5 uhr morgens dass bett zu reingen,nachdem ich geducsht, dann ging ichnzur schulle. Die erste lektion begann mit der umweltbildung/PKN, danach ist die…

  3. I love Evernote…I’ve been using it more for storing fiction ideas, blog posts and non-fiction projects (as well as personal stuff), but I’m going to need a few series bibles soon, and I plan to use it for that as well. It’s so versatile…I dare say I’ll upgrade to the paid version, eventually.

  4. تغییرات مرورگر کروم تو نسخه 14 :Language Translator Bar now gray instead of blue. New Tab Experimental page now has color coded thumbnails and the switch between apps and most visited buttons are now smaller.واقعاً خسته نباشند برنامه نویس های Ú¯ÙˆÚ¯Ù„ D:هنوز نسخه 13 کامل نشده… رفتن سراغ نسخه 14 …

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