Too much DiDA, Too much Maths

I have a problem. My personal tutor has, for the last year, decided that I do too much DiDA and not enough maths.

Some things to bear in mind:

  • Computers are an inegral part of my life, and I will get a job that makes heavy use of them;
  • I have taken a computer-based course which is quadrouple GCSE – i.e. it (therioretically) takes up the time that four subjects would;
  • My personal tutor is the head of maths.

She invariably spends tutor lesson trying to convince people to do maths work, and bring along maths work if we haven’t got anything else of utmost importance to do. Shes also decided that – despite the fact that I have taken a quadrouple GCSE, computer-based course – I do too much ICT and not enough… wait for it… maths..

Oh, she also implied that I had no choice but to take a language against my will, and now am I falling behind in this subject that I will never need, I’m in the shizz for that as well. Having to dedicate more time to maths and German means that I am getting behind in other stuff such as English.

Last year, I made my DiDA ePortfolio too large, and my teacher at the time told my PT that I was doing too much work. She told me two days later that she thought my PT had taken this wrongly and a little to the extreme, and she only meant that I needed to cut down the length of some pages, but I still getting told to ‘stick with the program’ and that I’m apparently doing too much work.  In addition, I’m only doing German because my PT implied that it was compulsory, even though English is the language of the IT world.

Oh well, some things you just can’t win, I suppose.

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