Sneak Preview: Sheep Visit Famous World Landmarks

The blog is proud to present you with an exclusive sneak preview of the return of the excellent Sheep Series by Jonathan Wormsley: Sheep at Famous World Landmarks!

Sheep Visits the Pyramids

Sheep Visit the Eiffel Tower

As you can see, this latest series has a few subtle changes from the previous sheep series – noticeably, the font being changed from an arty, handwriting script to some boring sans-serif, and an interesting and stimulating ‘splatter effect’ being used for the sheep’s coat.

We’re hoping the font-change is purely for advertising purposes.

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  1. These will be for sale in the run up to xmas, I can assure you moley.

    Jon, who came up with this Idea in Science? Me, so I own royalty rights to these hey?

    By any chance, did you storyboard and get feedback on these?

  2. You came up with what Idea? By the way dan your first picture is out of date. You might want to run over to flickr.

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