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Today the time came for me to go on my first job hunt; a time in a boy’s life where he ceases to be a youth and grows into a confident man of the world, yada yada yada…

OK, so I’m only 16 and still in full-time education and therefore unsuitable for full-time employment. However, I do want to purchase a £600 DSLR camera around Christmas, and need all the money I can get. A Saturday job seemed the most feasible route.

I printed out seven copies of my Curriculum vitae (you can grab a copy of my Public Curriculum Vitae – sans address and phone number – if you wish), and headed down to my local retail park in search of employment.

First port of call was Comet – a delightful little outlet that sold me a spanking new iPod nano (8gb, black – the sophisticated man’s choice), and then exchanged it for me hassle-free a fortnight later when it ceased to function. Then it was across the carpark to Currys, who also liberated a CV.

After Currys I decided to visit B&Q, which coincidentally was my dad’s first place of work too. They didn’t fancy one of my crisp handouts, but instead provided me with an application leaflet and advised me to arrange a telephone interview rather than to use the online service. After that I visited Marks and Spencers, who gave me a similar treatment. Finally I visited Halfords, whose service desk was devoid of life; and Homebase, who aren’t looking for part-time applicants.

So, what has this blog post achieved? Well, nothing much really, but if you happen to call in at Comet, Currys, B&Q or Marks and Spencers at the Kingsway Retail Park in the near future and spot a spiky haired, unintelligible assistant… gizza wave.

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  1. This may not be of any help, but Dixons in town (or Currys.Digital as its now named) had a sign up for applications.

    Another idea Dan, be a wedding photographer or a band one!

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