Selling Sheep Pictures

Tom Evans, a boy from my DiDA class, has decided to sell childish pictures of sheep drawn by Jon Wormsley, another DiDA student, who was bored during an SPB sometime last year.

The set of five pictures, which are currently available on eBay UK for 1p, depict sheep in various locales such as a desert, a hill, and a snowstorm. From the item description:

You are bidding on the World Renowned piees called “The Sheep Series”. A series of 5 pictures of which one is “A sheep in the Artic”

These masterpieces were created by a Jonathon Wormsley in 2006 and have since had masses of interest from every corner of the globe

You are bidding to have the Sheep Series sent to you via email for you to do whatever you wish with. Me and Jon are the copyright holders and are well within our rights to sell these fantastic images

Is such a blatantly misleading item description even legal? Dubious.  But I’ll see if I can convince him to let me host the images here in all their glory.  For the time being, feast on the masterpiece below, ‘borrowed’ from the eBay item page:

Sheep in the Arctic

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  1. And I quote ” childish pictures “.
    Outragous, these are works of art. You obviously don’t understand…

  2. I also quote “Is such a blatantly misleading item description even legal?”

    Have you ever seen such brilliant pictures, his graphics skills are obviously up there with Van Gogh and Monet

  3. ok i am slightly scared!… by the sheep, and by the fact that most of my afternoon has been spent wondering about selling photos on stock photo sites.

    dan maybe you should sell some off you pictures on that sort of site(as they would actualy sell where as i just want to see if i can sell one,yes 1 would be an achevment for me)

  4. Moley – if you want to get some photo exposure, feel free to grab yourself a Flickr account and add your photos to the Landau Forte Photographers pool.

    You can add up to three pictures every week (a week starts on a Saturday on Flickr, I believe). Occasionally people contact Flickr photographers for paid use of their photos, but it’s a good way to get feedback on your photos and sometimes people use your photos for projects… I have had my photos featured on blogs and also someone contacted me once to see if it was OK to use one of my pictures of iPods in a school textbook.

    Hope to see you on there 🙂

    Edit: Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but your blog is a little fucked :-P  I advise taking off the WordPress SMS plugin and trying to install whatever theme you’re using from scratch.

  5. quote:Edit: Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but your blog is a little fucked I advise taking off the WordPress SMS plugin and trying to install whatever theme you’re using from scratch.

    i know but grand theft atuo has taken over my life resently and i just havent been doing much mith it at the momment

    also working a msn system for school

  6. well at the momment i think my best bet for not getting it blocked would be using meebo repeter on a spare pc at my house(we have hundreds with no use) and just turn it on before i leave for school and turn it off when i get home

  7. There is of course a few problems with that – first, you don’t have DNS, so you would have to connect via IP, which is a bitch and impossible to remember. Also, you probably have a dynamic IP, meaning that it changes, and if you’re using a router other than the one you got free off your ISP it probably has a built-in firewall that blocks the use of some ports necessary for this kind of activity.

    I presume you’re using some version of windows, which doesn’t make it any easier cos windows firewall is awkward to configure and prone to attack if you weaken your firewall, which you will need to do if you’re planning on running a server.

    Your computer isn’t plugged into a main trunk, so the connection will be crap.

    But, still go ahead… it will be interesting to see what you end up with 🙂

  8. quote: You could make everyone happy by installing the proxy script used by most proxy sites that LFC students use on Ben’s server. It’s only a PHP script, I believe, so you just have to upload it to your webspace.

    yes every one is happy apart from ben

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