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Half an hour I installed a personal blog. It’s like – it has a vague and undefined purpose, and by its very definition will be created, redesigned before the end of its natural lifespan, rebuilt from scratch every 6 months, and will in be generally even more incomplete than this site you are on now.

This blog is a little different, though – it’s mine.

It’s mine on different levels. This blog is installed onto a server which sits happily amongst others of it’s kind in a server farm on some other continent, for example, whilst my personal blog will live on my own trusty PC, on top of the WAMP server system that I have mentioned previously. This blog is written in a style that is search-engine optimized and – hard to believe though it is – is written with other human beings in mind. I will not have to entertain such things on a blog that will never be available to the public.

So what’s the point? Well, a lot of the lack of activity around here is due to my reluctance to code for a remote system. With a locally-hosted blog I am free to tinker and geek to my heart’s content. What this translates to is more experience with my platform, and (theoretically) the discovery of tweaks and ideas that can be transferred to this site. This means template design.

Having my own server has other benefits too, of course. I don’t want to be tied with WordPress all my life, flexible and brilliant as it is. I plan to go into webdesign for a little extra cash to support my photography hobby, and for this I may need a more flexible CMS, such as Joomla!.

There are some gorgeous WordPress themes out there, by the way – not much of an innovator myself, I will be using existing templates as both inspiration and focus of study. Some interesting ones I have discovered:

Notice interesting features such as the meta info, the way websites are split into top (blog) and bottom (meta), the unique designs, great use of colour and, if you’re into that kinda thing, the elegance of the code behind the themes. WordPress’s tagline is ‘Code is Poetry’ for a reason, ya know.

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