Welcome to p16

First day of post-16 at Landau Forte College!  To bring this blog up to speed:

For GCSE I achieved:

  • English Language: A*
  • Science: A* A*
  • English Literature: A
  • Maths: A
  • DiDA: A A A A
  • Geography: A
  • Business: B
  • German: C

At AS-level I’m taking:

  • English Combined Language and Literature
  • Applied IT
  • Maths
  • Business

I had business first today.  Second session was a ‘study session’, which is Landau’s way of saying ‘free period’.  I decided to spend my ‘study session’ on a 90-minute breakfast break, which sort of backfired when I couldn’t find anywhere in town that did a reasonably cheap, healthy breakfast.  I ended up having a monster pack of M&Ms and a egg and sausage McMuffin, so naturally I feel really ill and will probably have a sugar-crash in double IT, which I have next.

Could be an interesting first day.

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