When things don’t run smoothly…

I’m not entirely sure how, but in attempting to add a search box to the top of orangeacid.net I’ve managed to disable the header links and retard my headings. I’d take the time to fix them now, but to be honest I feel like shit, so it will have to wait.

I caught this cold off this girl I was fooling around with. She’s excellent, but she did sort of give me a cold and then got herself a boyfriend before I could return the favor. I swapped my summer duvet for my much denser winter duvet around the same time – imagine waking up with the realization that some large mammal – say, a cow – had keeled over and died on your chest as you slept. Such was the sensation this morning of waking up buried under an avalanche of duck-feathers.

Customers don’t want to buy warantees off salesmen with snuffles and puffy-cheeks; it must make us appear more snivelly and disagreeable or something. Consequently I made a meager £500 in the first hour and a half. Then one of the line-managers got me jacked up on painkillers and fluids and I managed to sell £2230 in a single sale. Then the painkillers wore off.

I’ve just been out with family and felt terrible for the first hour or so, but as soon as I got some alcohol in me I felt fine. I got home and became sober and was suddenly aware of more bugs in my new site design.

I’m aware that glasses of sweet white aren’t going to cure me, and I know that 800mg of paracetamol won’t kill off the common cold. But when I’m under the influence of these things life seems to run so much more smoothly. The verdict? Ignorance is bliss.

Tomorrow I am loading up on painkillers and booze.

Edit:  Apparently the comment box is broken too.  Figures 😛

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