WordPress 2.3

I updated my blog’s platform last night.  It was a seamless transition, and there is now tagging support for me to implement.  Apart from that, there doesn’t really seem to be anything different.

Also, these bugs are starting to really irritate me.  In Internet Explorer 6 the post headers are in weird places, and run away from the cursor when hovered over.  The submit button for the comments form is the same.  If anyone would like to debug this for me then I’ll provide some linkage.

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  1. Hello, I wanted to write an e-mail, but there are no send button on the contact page.
    I wanted to contact you about a photograph in Flickr.
    I sent you a message on the message Flickr.

  2. Have you had any problems loading the new WordPress pages? Every single time I try to get in it doesn’t recognize my login info. Besides that, I have not found any problems. I like the new platform, it looks great. On a side note, do you have any advice for online file storage?

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