Quick fix for strange CSS link behavior

Posts on GTD and photography for Scenes and Emos in the pipeline, but just a quick update – something that I discovered working on a website for a school project earlier. If you’re not into webdesign, give this one a miss. If you’ve any experience in semantic webdesign/xHTML+CSS, you will know how… well, frankly what […]

Learning to program in Ruby in 15 minutes

Ruby is an open-source programming language that can be used as a server-side preprocessor, similar to PHP, Perl, Python and so on. What sets it apart is that it is surprisingly user-friendly and programmer-orientated. The official description from the Ruby website is: A dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. […]

DRM is Bad.

As it is nearing the launch of Vista, the latest incarnation of Windows, it seems a good time to warn some passing visitors of one of its most serious flaws: it is defective by design. Windows Vista is crippled by built-in Digital Rights Management, or DRM. This form of ‘rights management’ has been around for […]