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Right to run?

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

I take my camera pretty much everywhere with me. It sounds a pretty clich̩d Рand perhaps to some people, sad Рthing to say, but unlike a large number of people who like to label themselves as photographers and liberate their little silver boxes from their dusty cases perhaps once a month, I do actually tend to have a camera with me wherever I am. I discovered a drawback to this a few days ago.

Photo of Ben's eye, taken in GCSE Business StudiesI take my Digimax v800 to school with me every day. This serves two purposes – to allow me to take opportunistic photos of anything that might crop up at school (many of my eye photos – such as the one to the right – are taken this way), and also to facilitate after-school photo excursions if the mood should take me (which it often does).

Whilst taking some pictures around Derby’s Assembly Rooms with my bassist, Joe, we were noticed by a group of sprightly young chavs, half of which were eying up my camera and all of which had that delightful ‘breathe too loudly and I’ll mash you to a pulp to show how hard I am’ look that is characteristic of chav subculture. All of them started towards us.


Too much DiDA, Too much Maths

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

I have a problem. My personal tutor has, for the last year, decided that I do too much DiDA and not enough maths.

Some things to bear in mind:

  • Computers are an inegral part of my life, and I will get a job that makes heavy use of them;
  • I have taken a computer-based course which is quadrouple GCSE – i.e. it (therioretically) takes up the time that four subjects would;
  • My personal tutor is the head of maths.

She invariably spends tutor lesson trying to convince people to do maths work, and bring along maths work if we haven’t got anything else of utmost importance to do. Shes also decided that – despite the fact that I have taken a quadrouple GCSE, computer-based course – I do too much ICT and not enough… wait for it… maths..

Oh, she also implied that I had no choice but to take a language against my will, and now am I falling behind in this subject that I will never need, I’m in the shizz for that as well. Having to dedicate more time to maths and German means that I am getting behind in other stuff such as English.

Last year, I made my DiDA ePortfolio too large, and my teacher at the time told my PT that I was doing too much work. She told me two days later that she thought my PT had taken this wrongly and a little to the extreme, and she only meant that I needed to cut down the length of some pages, but I still getting told to ‘stick with the program’ and that I’m apparently doing too much work.  In addition, I’m only doing German because my PT implied that it was compulsory, even though English is the language of the IT world.

Oh well, some things you just can’t win, I suppose.

PC World rates MySpace ‘#1 Worst Web Site’

Saturday, September 16th, 2006

Yes, believe it or not, MySpace – the infamous profile and networking site, which has more than 90 million registered users – has been voted #1 on PC World’s list of 25 worst websites. Yes, believe it or not, I am right behind them. Yes, believe it or not, I know that I am turning myself into naked flamebait for saying this. It just seems like a justified time to vent my frustration.


Date locations in Derby

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Whilst trying to organize a date with my girlfriend, it struck me that it must be pretty awkward to arrange a date with a girl that you’ve never been out with before, due to the chronic lack of places to go.

We settled on going out for a pizza, but only out of the frustration of looking for suitable stuff to do.  The way I see it, you can do the following in Derby:

  • Go to the cinema (only if there’s something good on);
  • Go out for a meal (expensive);
  • Go bowling (a bit expensive, and a bit sad if there’s only two of you);
  • Go to a gig (only local bands in local venues here – not very good if you dont like the same music)
  • Go to the park (my local park is now a dogging-ground)
  • Catch a bus to Nottingham (cheating!)

Other activities include ‘studying’ together (ahem), renting out DVDs from the Blockbusters store on Ashbourne Road, or waiting for one of Derby’s annual council-arranged events such as last week’s excellent Darley Park Concert (the largest annual free music event in the UK), or the Markeaton Park Bonfire Night Fireworks… but these are few and far-between.

Nottingham has better cinemas, cheaper bowling, better (i.e. world-class) gigs, and generally more to do for teenagers.

Humpf.  Derby needs some more stuff.

Any ideas for what we have or what we should have?