I went to Poland for a few days a week ago, and came back to discover that my website was down.  This took a few days to sort out and still isn’t completely resolved, so sorry for the ‘deadness’. Photography and Photoshop tips and tricks on the way!

Quick fix for strange CSS link behavior

Posts on GTD and photography for Scenes and Emos in the pipeline, but just a quick update – something that I discovered working on a website for a school project earlier. If you’re not into webdesign, give this one a miss. If you’ve any experience in semantic webdesign/xHTML+CSS, you will know how… well, frankly what […]

Platform Update

I will be updating to WordPress version 2.1 in the following minutes. Site function may be disrupted for a while. Update: The update went smoothly and all systems are stable and running. Captain. First impressions: All of my plugins work fine. Hoorah for backwards-compatability! Spell check works fine but disables the Fox‘s spellchecker.  Hooray for […]