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The Landau Forte Photography group

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Earlier today I created a Flickr group for Landau Forte photographers!

I know of a few LFC students who have taken an interest in photography – such as fellow DiDA student Jess, and the head of ICT, Mr Thomas.  I thought that this group could be a nice way to showcase some LFC photography.  Call me sad if you really have to, but I quite like photography.


Google results for

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Google Sitemaps report for orangeacid.netGoogle is the world’s favorite search engine company… not only because of it’s highly accurate and efficient web search tools, but because it offers a wide range of other tools. I personally use it’s portal, calendar, email, notebook, analytics, RSS-reader, and sitemaps services. Today, I noticed a feature that lists your top links from search results, ordered by rank. The results are quite interesting.

My top result, obviously, is the term ‘orangeacid‘, which ranks result #1 on average. This is followed by ‘dan foy‘, which – as my name and part of the blog’s title – ranks as result #4 on average. The search query variant ‘orange acid‘ also returns as result #2 on average.

However, I also rank highly for searches for ‘stylesheet validator‘. For this, I also rank (on average) at #4. The more observant of you will notice that I don’t even have a stylesheet validator; the link is purely an out-of-date (and consequently dead) link to a page on an older version of Why this should rank higher than actual stylesheet validators, I have no idea.

My next most popular search is for ‘perticually‘, which apparently comes in at result #9, on average… although when I searched, it wasn’t part of the first 30 results. This is obviously a typo, yet I find it quite amusing that it ranks so high. The last interesting search is for ‘in spite of my rage “i m” still just a rat in a cage‘, a Smashing Pumpkins lyric that cycles in my random quotes generator at the bottom of every page – although, again, I can’t find this in the results.

The point of this post? Well, there isn’t a point really. But hey, look, the thumbnail picture thing is kinda working 😀

Keeping on top of things

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

I have been aching for days to post, but everything is so screwed.

I had a gig on Saturday – along with local virus The Backgrounds, we supported a signed band from Burton or something called Tilted Smile.  Everything considered, things went pretty well, except from our two vocalists managing to get themselves banned from our drummer’s house, our set being between 10 and 15 minutes too short, one of the Backgrounds’ guitarists having to borrow my half-stack and the other having to borrow Elliot’s guitar after breaking a string.

I would have posted about this earlier, but I’m refining the way that pictures work in my blog and WordPress doesn’t want to play nice.  When it’s sorted I will be able to insert pictures directly into post, or post thumbnails that link to the full images… its good for search ratings.  But it’s all a case of WordPress behaving and getting it done.

Unfortunately, time isn’t my greatest asset.  Between the DiDA D202 SPB, Geography coursework, practicing guitar and guitar lessons, band practice, gigs and trying my hardest to spend as much time as I can with my girlfriend, I once again have very little time on my hands.  However, I’m reading up on PHP at pretty much every spare moment I get – and am getting some practice as I design my next ePortfolio using it – so when the site is completed, it should be pretty spectacular.

Coming to you live from Chester

Monday, August 14th, 2006

Those of you who know me personally will perhaps know that I have been in the city of Chester for the past few days.  Perhaps not the best timing for a holiday (with an important gig coming up, and days after my girlfriend arriving back off holiday), but a welcome change of scenery all the same.

Chester is a city of heritage and beauty.  Initially a Roman settlement founded around the time of the crucifiction of Christ, the city is the only city with a complete surrounding wall left in England – although only half the wall is Roman, the rest added as the city expanded a few centuries later.

Chester is also the home of England’s largest Roman ampitheatre.  Situated just outside the city walls, it seated up to 7000 people - although it’s primary use was combat training, not recreation.  The city isn’t full of just Roman artifacts, however; the city has a wide array of Tudor, Victorian, and Georgian sights and houses.  One of the city’s main attractions (other than the wall and open excavation of the ampitheatre, of course) is the city’s unique and characteristic rowed shops.


The Vic: Bought by FirstFloor.

Friday, August 11th, 2006

Derby’s legendary Victoria Inn (better known as just ‘The Vic’) has changed hands.

As some of you (such as those of you who are members of the Vic Forums) may know, the Vic was recently acquired by one Michael Sheehan, the local band promoter. However, his son Stanley was born in January of this year, and the Vic is being sold on in order for Micky to gain enough free time to watch his firstborn grow up.

Anyway, it turns out that the Vic has been purchased by the same people who run Derby’s other, more modern venue – the First Floor Club.


Flickring like a pro

Sunday, August 6th, 2006

I bought a ‘pro’ account on photo-sharing site Flickr, and have become oh-so-slightly addicted to both the service and also photography.

When I should really be concentrating on planning for DiDA, my unfinished Geography coursework, I have been taking pictures and rearranging my Flickr area.  Its actually really impressive.  For about £14 per year, I get:

  • Unlimited storage space;
  • 2GB upload limit per month;
  • Unlimited ‘sets’ (non-pro users are limited to 3 ‘sets’, or groups);
  • Uploading of very large images;
  • A few other miscellaneous benefits.

And all in all I am very impressed with it.  The backend of the media section of is also Flickr-powered, so as soon as I iron out a nasty bug which affects the way my photos refresh themselves, I should have a much improved gallery.  Please note that the photos displaying in the media section and on the front page are constantly out of date; for the most up-to-date photos, see my photostream.

Anyway, if you want to check out my stuff, you can visit my Flickr homepage here, check out my profile here, and view my sets here.  Enjoy!